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Prayer is a two way spiritual communication between man and God. Note the clause “two_way”. Prayer is a medium to talk to God and also hear from God”.
Just like communication is essential for humans,it is also important for us to communicate with God. Some of us unknowingly are keeping malice with God. We only remember to talk to God when there’s an urgent need – when we are sick, when we are broke; but when everything is fine we totally forget about the place of prayers.

Let’s relate to our earthly father, you can imagine living in the same house and not talking to your father for months and then gbam, one morning you realise  your wallet is empty and you walk up to your father then you say oh! Good morning Daddy I need some money. The first time he could grant the request out of sympathy but when it becomes a consistent thing, pity will fail, he will get tired of your constant behavior and then he would become distant from you. In the same manner, that’s how it is with God. Without constant communication with God, we create distance between us and God.
Wouldn’t we rather want to be like David and be called “A friend of God” rather than the lady that picks the crumbs off the table? It all fall backs to  building a relationship with God and this can be gotten in the place of prayer.

Religion has so much taken the place of Christianity, some of us are more religious than been Christians, we only pray in church or in our bedrooms. The bible urges us to pray without season.
1 Thessalonians 5:17 says pray without ceasing.
It doesn’t matter where you are, prayers should be constant. I am not against creating a particular time to pray, its good too but if because your prayer time is 5am and you sleep off, it means you can’t pray anymore then you probably should adopt the ceaseless kind of prayer.
God knew the importance of prayer and that was why he thought us how to pray.

– A praying Lady

What prayers does to our life As ladies.
Don’t leave your relationships to chance, pray for godly people to come into your life with whom you can connect. Don’t force relationships to happen. Pray for them to happen. Then when they do, nurture them with prayer.

Call to me and I will answer you, and will tell you great and hidden things that you have not known – Jer 33:3.

1. We receive revelation when we pray: God reveal things the same way your father keeps secrets with you. God gives you secrets about yourself and destiny.

2. We are transformed:
The altar of prayer is an altar of transformation. We are changed, we become better, we experience changes and reformation well. Let’s say prayer is the best rehabilitation centre.

3. Prayer Prevents Evil:
By praying we secure our going out and coming in, prayer gives us a whole lot of covering. We live in a wicked world  and we can’t afford to be careless with our lives.

4. Prayer helps us prove our love for others:
When we pray for others just like job prayed for his friends, it is a proof that we possess the fruit of the spirit.

5. We receive sanctification at the altar of prayer,it is not really just about being born again ,we sin everyday and we need sanctification, prayer renews Us spiritually,on the altar of prayer we ask for forgiveness and receive mercy.

6. Prayer helps us locate our right partner and even after we locate them, praying for them helps them grow and helps our relationships grow.

7. Prayer gives us every other thing
Matthew 6:33 New International Version (NIV) – “But seek first His kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well.”
Including those that are too numerous to mention .

What do I Pray For?
-Pray for yourself
-Pray for your family
-Pray For the kingdom/your church
-pray for your country
Pray, pray and pray! God answers prayer and the world needs your prayers.
Pray anywhere, pray everywhere, pray in every situation. Keep talking to God. He should be your closest companion, talk to Him more than you talk to any other person.
Written Faith Adama
Meet her on Facebook: faithy hauer adama

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