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I am sure you were attracted to read this the topic. We all love money and in fact at the sound of money every ear rises up.
Everyone wants to make money, we need money for a lot of things and we can not survive without money. We love to be categorized in the money gang – “The rich ” but the big question is how much do we want money?
Do we allow our love for money over-rule the love for our life and family? Can we do anything to get money, like make extreme sacrifices?

A lot of stories circulate round the internet because of money – people sacrifice their loved ones, parts of their organs, their life span and peace for money. Someone somewhere cannot sleep with a door shut or he will die. Someone somewhere cannot sleep in the night or he off course will die. And  many more barbaric conditions.

We see a couple of friends posting pictures showing luxury and then we get all quick money driven and then ideas come in. We go to native doctors and get into a whole lot of fetish things. Why do you want money you cannot enjoy?  So many lives have  ended for just getting into this quick money business. They die making money. Is making money worth loosing your life?

Patience is a virtue, be patient. Don’t be in a hurry to make money because, decisions born out of being desperate  can be risky. Take life “jejely“. Appreciate what you have, do what you can to make legal money and one day you will have clean money without soiling your hands.
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–  Written Faith Adama

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