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The best standard you should work with, it’s the God’s standard (Bible). I want to draw your attention to this. It is not every advice you get or see on this space especially that of relationship and marriage that is applicable. It is so unfortunate that most of us just create an ideology or apply what you don’t even know about or cleared of to your relationships or marriages and creating problems where there’s no problem.

You talk of standards when in the real sense of it you haven’t even discover or know yourself well enough. You don’t even know what works for you rather you choose to apply or outline people’s experiences of life in your own diary as your standards not minding whether those experiences are coming from the negative or positive sides.

Truth is, you can’t have the type of relationship and marriage you desire through people’s opinions or ideology. You ought to work for it yourself. And when you talk of standards, I think you should try God’s own standard and principles for marriage. God’s principles will help you figure out what would be the best for you.

Find yourself first, know what works for you and your partner. Admire the love story of others and be fully aware that yours would not come in the same way as theirs but hope for the best. Understand individual differences. Even the cutest couple you’ve seen have their individual differences, they know it, understand each other’s and respect it also.

Yield to counsel but at the same time use wisdom in applying them. Every Godly, sweet and thriving relationships or marriages you see on any platform, has two Godly and intentional partners working behind the scene with God to always make it sweet.

Do have a blessed day.

Writer: Abigeal Moses

Abigail Moses

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