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We are left with few buttons yet to be press in the year 2019, while many wait to be ushered into 2020. Nevertheless, goal getters have their hands on desk creating a future called 2020 with their strategic plans and budget into paper with a thankful heart.

It isn’t ridiculous when I hear people say my 2019 was shitty..why? Because at some point life has a way of bringing hard times that can mess with our peace of mind but then it permit us to create dreams for ourselves while we trust God with our plans for perfection if it pleases Him.

Today’s date is 11th December, 2019. It early enough to run a check exercise on your achievement this year. Where did I fail? Did growth exist in any aspect of my life? Such rhetorical questions can help to build a balance for next year.
I remember how some of us were desiring to grow into “Adulthood” (Smiles). Finally, we have creep into it and the bountiful realities has never failed to teach us that we can paint our future when we develop a culture called “Time management”. – Justina Barde

Justina Barde
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