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In a noisy century, the only remedy to being useless is to be purpose–full ( full of purpose).
    “But I chose to follow a course different from what my mates thought.  Paving way for better living, impact and satisfaction of my noble desires.  Following the crowd makes you acceptable.  But being the only white egg among the rest is a torn in the flesh.
   You find yourself taking a different part way through life. The hardest thing you will  ever do is taking deliberate steps to walk away from relationships that seem to be going nowhere.
             And then you remember the saying of a wise man which said: “We have class mates only in school, after school everyone look for their classes.”
 But FEARS set in:
Fear of what they will say
Fear of failure
Fear of rejection your desire persons
Fear of insecurity.
     The implementation of the above quote is paralyzed and you trace your way back to the comfort zone. To be with the people who have already accepted you (though your purpose is now different from theirs). Comfort zones are good place to stay but nothing grows there.”
Of all this challenges, I found 4 things to do if you want to  become a youth of impact and purpose driven.
1) Know yourself and your rights: You can’t know others more than yourself and never try to.  Fight to know yourself, never try to change others after knowing yourself and the wrong people will flee from you resulting in to the right people coming in.
     Know your right locally and internationally.
2) Learn:  I personally learn at all cost.  I have been reading a minimum of 25 books for the past few years.  I put away entertainment for months just to learn (of course not that I’m still a student).  My very best TV hours  are news hours.
     Learning expand your knowledge locally and international there opening you up to international change making
  Entertainment is good,  but what if its excess cost you your destiny and makes you a destitute?
3) Network and Voice out: Be in connection with like minded people,  keep in contact,  get to know new people at every opportunity. International fellowships and volunteering are great platform to leverage on.
    Voice out lending your voice to end abnormality in your society.
— get to hear about a bad government policy,  speak out.
—Heard about social injustice and abuse, voice out for justice and bring the abuser to book.
4) Use your creativity and be inspirational : Do you have a creative talent,  use it.
Craft and business,  go for them.
Photography and art, use them creatively.
      Set a standard,  become a role model to the younger generation.
You can be a purpose driven and impact making youth.
Written Lokossou Sylvian

He is the founder of Success Tonic (Success Tonic is a platform where we share inspirational thoughts and educate youth on the essence of reading for socital impart)and the CEO of Lokodos Africa Decor.

   Lokodos Africa Decor is a building decoration and finishing firm.
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Lokossou Sylvian, CEO
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