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Most of the time you tend to focus more on things you have gone through in the past, how badly you have been treated or how much of the opportunities you have lost in the past. But hey boy! I want to let you know that you have lost nothing. It is part of what made you who you are today. Alot of times we sit back and start to lament – if I had known I would have done it this way or I wished I never met this person and so many ‘had I known.’

Know this and know peace, ‘Getting lost along your path is another way of you figuring out the right path”. sometimes we need to get off the track before we can develop the clarity to be on track. There are some other persons who were lucky to be on the right track earlier enough in life due to the right counsels or networks and that has over time served as a guide to them and also helped them to make right decisions. while some of us had to get lost, going round a circle before coming back to the right track while the rest of us needed and still need an extra push.

You know what? All of these makes us unique and it shows how God deals with us differently and how we are been wired differently. Acknowledge this fact and find yourself.

Regrets are for failures. It is okay to remember your past but let it serve as a push to you or motivate you to become better and not pull you down. Turn it into a content that would be of impact to many. You have this moment to make that happen.

Do have a great day.

  • Abigeal Moses
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Abigail Moses

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