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The word “Failure” is not new as it is used daily and it’s an experience that every human, irrespective of statues, age, gender, religion have at a point in time experienced.

I for one have had failures numerous times in different areas of my life and this is  because I am just like every human and I am not perfect. The focus here is not remaining a failure but using failure as a stepping stone. How and what you do with failure is the most important thing. The online Google dictionary defines failure as “the neglect or omission of expected or required action.”  
This means that when you do not do what you are expected to do or you ignore some actions whether consciously or unconsciously, failure will definitely be inevitable. With this we can say failure is when you miss a step in a process or you do not follow the right procedures in accomplishing a task or set goals.

But the goodnews is “Failure is the mother of all successes“. So, ironically permit me to say ” you should be happy when you fail” because your failure will give birth to success. I know it sounds unconventional & strange. The truth is, the success of a man who has had failures repeatedly is more “uniquely successful ” than the man who has never failed before(perhaps its hard to see a man or woman who has never failed before).
From experience and studies, may I say that success from failure do not just happen, there are certain principles which are intentionally employed. Certainly everyone wants to be successful including you and me so what do you do when you fail? This is a question a lot have asked and have found no answers. From my personal experience and studies there are Seven (7)  principles I have learnt to apply when failure knocks me down and I wanna share these points with you here.
1)  Accept that you have failed: I have read books that says “do not accept failure” but I think its wrong. If you don’t acknowledge a problem you wouldn’t know how to solve it. The reason why you should accept failure when you fail is so that you can face it and fight it strongly. But if you shy away from your failure it only makes you a repeated failure. So the first thing to do when you fail is to accept that “Yes! I have failed “. Accepting failure makes you face the failure and know how to fight it. When ever I fail at something, I don’t shy away from it, I pick up challenge from my failure and strike harder. Accepting failure does not mean you should accept defeat. Accepting failure means you recognize that something didn’t work well and you wanna make it work better.

2) Review the whole process of action: The second thing to do when you fail is to review, recheck and reexamine the whole processes that led to your present position or state. Its important to revisit the whole procedures of your actions from the foundation level to the roofing level of your action.  This step helps you know what you did that was right and what you did that was wrong and this leads to the next step.

3) Learn from the failure: When you fail, learn from it, teach yourself. That is why its pertinent you review the whole process of action. Pick lessons from it, don’t allow failure to swallow you. Know where you failed, how you failed and why you failed. Learn from it. Be a teacher and a student to yourself.

4) Take a break: When you fail and after you have learnt from it, just put your mind away from it. Relax your mind, play games, go for exercises or you just do something that will steal your mind from what you are doing. Just take a break from the work. Take a walk, sleep, listen to good music or dance. This gives you balance and gives you new ideas when you return to work.

5) Ask yourself the right questions: After you have taken a break and have relaxed, ask yourself some important questions like: Am I ready to go back to this work even after failing? Am I suppose to do this, do I have the right team to work with, Do I have the energy, Do I have the resources? Even if I don’t have all the resources how can I maneuver? What other strategies should I apply? These and so many other questions you should ask yourself when you fail.

6) Ignore or forget the failure: This is very important. Though I said in number one that you should accept failure yet, don’t allow failure seat on you. When you fail, don’t hold it tight. Do not let failure hinder your future success. The essence of accepting failure is to learn from it but not to remain a failure. When ever I fail in anything, I accept the situation but I do not hold on to failure. I make my failures stepping stones to climb the ladder so I can reach my next level of success. So when you fail, make haste to forget it.

7) Involve God: This is the last but the most important. God knows everything and He has said in John 14:14 that, “If you shall ask anything in my name, I will do it.” So no matter what you desire in life ask God and be intentional about it because he has asked us to ask Him anything. So if you wanna ve successful tell God about it. He has also said we should cast all our burdens on Him because He cares for us(1peter5:7, Psalm55:22, Proverbs16:3). When God is involved, He does miracles. I have practically experienced God in my life. Infact, my life is a testimony of God’s faithfulness.
Note: Never see failure as failure, see it as a stepping stone to success. Know that truly, failure is the mother of all successes. If you acknowledge failure in this manner, you are sure to move to your success level.
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Written Shedy Elisha

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