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The question Who are you? When asked, many would be quick to answer saying their names forgetting that the question isn’t  What is your name?. Who are you is far from what you have acquired neither is it what you are called others/people.

Who are you seek for your identity and the most important thing to note is who you are covers your purpose of existence. Without a purpose there is no existence. This also includes your character/attitude that is, the way you interact and react to situation, people around and  your uniqueness. All these are further explained clearly below.
   Purpose is the intention for creation in fact it is the reason for existence. A vehicle can never fly on the air neither can a train do without a railway and also a plane to a road. It would be an error if any of these should happen. This is also applicable to human and without purpose there is no existence/life. What sets you apart is the reason why you exist so, when you find your purpose for existence then you will know who you are.
   Who you are is also determined your character that is your attitude towards situations, challenges and issues. Your thoughts, interactions and background make up your character. There  is no action without a thought. What we think and how we think largely form us just as the Bible say, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so he is.” So it is very important to pay attention to whatever you devote your mind and time thinking about because you are the product of your own thought and as well identified through our character. The invisible root of a tree determines the fate of that tree and this is the same with the human mind. His thought determines his character/attitudes. So build for yourself positive character.

    Who you are also seek for your ability to see vision about yourself. A man without a vision is like a “living-dead” who has little or nothing to offer. Its vital you think ahead, see ahead,  then surely, fulfilment is attainable. Everyone has the ability to see vision, it is also a duty for you to know the direction to your destiny in order not to be confused and be an excort to someone elses’ destination. Everything you see in the physical was once created in the mind first and it is through same vision that derives the sustenance of the purpose it was created. Vision gives you an insight of how to go about fulfilling your purpose. One more thing is, you need the right set of people with the same vision in order to know your direction just as the Bible says “iron sharpeneth iron.” So it is important you surround yourself with the right people often for example, if you are in a company of singers there is a tendency you will end up as a singer or will have something to do with singing.
   I got really excited coming across this point which talks about your uniqueness. Everybody is unique in his/her own way, whether physically challenged or not. Emmanuel Daniels(E-Daniels) is one person I respect whenever I speak of uniqueness. Uniqueness is not a product of choice neither is it a decision but it is what you were meant to be. E-Daniels despite visually impaired is unique in his own way and he is impacting lives greatly. Have you ever wondered how unique and special  you are that despite the billions of people in this world no one has your type of your fingerprint? Have you ever thought of that? That is how special you are. Even identical twin never shares the same destiny/purpose. We are uniquely created to operate differently and with different grace. So on this light, never wish to be someone else for there can never be another you. It is heartbreaking that the issues and challenges of life is making people to become others’ photocopies. You are best being you because that is who you are made to. Why struggle to be someone else or live someone else’ life? Fulfilling of destiny/purpose is not and would never be a race. Your weakness might be another person’s strength and your strength might be someone elses’ weaknesses, so why overwork yourself to be better than someone else? Why not operate in your own strength/grace while improving on your weaknesses in order to be a better you. There can’t be another you, so key into your uniqueness and shine forth and be rest  assured when you do that, you will be fulfilled. Just be Original.
    Another point is, the summary of your life is where you were, where you are and where you would be and in turn its saying, your past, present and future defines or determines your end. Many would say your past does not matter, the bitter truth is it does matter. Historian would defined History as the story of the past in relation to the present which gives a perception of the future. So permit me to say your achievement or end covers your day to day activity. So, to relate it with the point at hand, how you make these stages of your life that is the past, present and the future determines who you are and who you eventually turns out to be. The lessons of the past helps you make the most of the present and also a better future. So also on the other hand, when you have regrets about your past, it waste the future through worrying and in turns kills the future. The past is double-edged with the ability to make or mar you, so it depends on which edge u choose to use. But also know that the present is a gift, it is in that we have assurance. What you do with it wipe away the past wrongs and creates a beautiful future. So God expects us to live in the present  and the present is in need, so feed it. Note, Today is a gift to all mankind and that is why it is called present.
    Lastly, your company really do matter in knowing who you are, like a  poular saying goes “Show me your Friend and I will tell you who you are”, so your company of Friends defines you. The bible rightly says, ” the company of the wise shall be wise but the companion of fools shall perish”. The family happens to be your first company. The truth is you never choose the family you are in today but, you have every right to choose the type of friend you walk and work with. You have every right to do so even in choosing a life partner, so why not choose wisely who will be your friend and life partner. Family, friends etc have effect on who and how you see yourself. You have a say on who will be in your ship, so be wise in making choices.
Note that Who you are is who you were created to be, you are not a mistake. The company you keep and how you develop your mind is important. Just have a vision, See it, be it, so that you can uniquely and easily define who you are and be fulfilled. Shalom, remain blessed

Written Abigail Moses
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