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Trust is confidence or believe. Trust is a huge word especially in a world full of betrayals and disappointment but do we blame it? The world itself is imperfect and maybe it was deliberately created so there will be a need for someone out of the world “God“.

The only  reason we get so much disappointment is because we do not understand the circle of  Trust. Trusting in a man is a big mistake, men can fail, maybe not deliberately, maybe they forget or get so preoccupied. So why trust in someone like you who is so unsure about life itself or even unsure about tomorrow? Trust in the only one person that never fails – “God”. When we don’t trust in God he puts off his hand from our affairs. He does not share His glory.

“Can you look up with one eye and down with another? Never claim to be looking up to God when you are looking up to men”-Bishop David Oyedepo.
…wait! Which is better, you have a choice of straight linkage to success and another route that is hanging on a probability? Have “Godfidence” not confidence because God is too faithful to fail. Trust in God, He can use any man to favour you.

Its funny how when we have a need before we think of praying, we think of calling; thats wrong. We must always rely solely on God else we make another man an idol. Let us make plans in 2019 to Trust solely on God and it will amaze us how everything works for our good.
Written Faith Adama

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