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Was there a time you were speechless that you didn’t know what to say to God for what he has done or you wanted praising God with a beautiful song and you didn’t know what song to sing? … You don’t have to worry about what to tell God or  what song to praise God with anymore because, God is at work and he has been releasing super songs from heaven like Baba Carry me dey go – KcKings
and now he has released another via the same instrument  KcKings featuring The very great Limitless and gifted Gospel Musician E-Daniels  and this one is titled “YABO”. Yabo in hausa means praise, its a song of adoration lifting God high for his good works and mighty deeds. This awesome song will come your way on Friday 25th November 2016. Get your heart set and save your MB…… The year has come to an end and KcKings and E-Daniels are bringing #YABO so you can praise God with it and say, Thank you God… This song is for all both male and female, man and woman, small and big, black and white, North, East, West and South. You sure need this song … #yabo because you sure need to praise God. Remember its coming this friday 25th November….. Save your data ooo… #yabo
#Godisincharge #iambest #yabo #KckingsEDANIELS

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