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We got this from Reno Omokri  Facebook page talking about the  difference between Polished kids and rubbished kids…

My kids are born and bred in California and they each bear Itsekiri
names. They know my language and they know their native dress. Your kids
aren’t ‘POLISHED’ because they can’t speak your native tongue. No. In
fact that are ‘RUBISHED’ if all they know is English. I remember once
somebody asked me why my kids don’t have English names. I told him as I
am telling you, that when the English start giving their kids Itsekiri
names, then I will start giving my kids English names. Africans,
emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. A Christian can still be a
Christian with an African name. It is the faith that matters not the

Is your kid a rubbish kid or a polished kid

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