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Peter Adamu, whose stage name is Amod, is a Kaduna-born music icon with a burning desire in unity and equity for his people. His tracks have made rounds, and achieved great paradigm shifts in a near record time through his hardihood in speaking against injustice, lawlessness, and most especially, hate, amongst the Gbagyis’.

Amod is working in collaboration with the prestigious CJ music record label to continue rejuvenating, entertaining and inspiring the world with his very special dexterity.

Some singles’ Amod has dropped before now including Chesamilo, Nukoi, Aguzheinda, underscore the aforementioned triggers for his passion.
Other singles like Yesu Tayamilon, Hello, I love you baby, go jeje, etc., are thriving in blogs, trending, and igniting the passion for such style of music in the market community.

Each time Amod releases a single, it is tagged ‘SUPERB’ because he gives his best once at a time, then prepares another, subsequently.

Today, Amod comes up with another charming track titled ‘YILODO’ meaning ‘Let’s Unite’.
The meaning behind this track is diverse, as it speaks for love, and unity-the mainstay in preserving human relationships.

This track is highly recommended for everyone as long as they’re willing to come together in love harmony irrespective of the kind of relationship.

It is worthy to note that, every heart sings a song incomplete until another heart whispers back. This song is incomplete until you download, and listen.
Kindly download, and listen for free.


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