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Nigerians let’s take a quest for innovative and creative leaders
The dance steps that accompany the rhythm of life comes with indignation and Only a super wise man dances twice to the melody of life. Viewing life from the sundown, a fool thinks the moon grudgingly dragged herself to evening to manifest her glory for nothing.
Since it’s no more hidden that everything rises and fall on leadership, then leaders should not only be competent enough in areas of Education alone but also intellectual in deeds.
Innovation and creativity are like two sides of a coin that cannot be separated from each other. While the former is a process of introducing new ideas, the latter is one’s ability to bring into existence (This can be through imagination) an idea to solve societal problems. Thus, the essence of innovative and creative leaders is development and how to attain the zenith of development is a question that only hands on deck can provide. Leaders should be highly innovative and creative enough because:

  1. Leadership depend largely on Decision making: There’re uncountable difficult and challenging decisions awaiting leaders to take on daily bases. Worthy to note is the fact that not every leader who thinks birth something meaningful from his/her thought ( Infact most of the thinking and writing are done bypersonal Assistants, advisers e.t.c) But when a leader is highly innovative and creative he/ she sees possibilities in every limitations.
  2. Leadership depends largely on resources distribution: In Nigeria today, Availability of resources are becoming scarce daily. At this junction, without fear of contradiction nor impunity I’ll say, my love for the British government is endless because they were innovative enough to had introduced “‘The policy of Localization”. After their Independence, the then president discovered that they were far left behind but he imagined his country among the leading countries of the world, and introduced “The Policy of Localization” ( making use of the available indigenous resources to enhance development) It takes a leader who is highly Innovative and creative to utilize indigenous resources to solve societal problems. Before my sword (pen) return to its abode, there’re two questions I’ll like you to ponder on.
  • Firstly, Nigeria is getting to a population of about Two-hundred million people but yet we depend on importation to feed ourselves, is this the way out or do we need a robust plan and difficult decisions to make for our future survival?
  • Secondly, Nigeria is facing energy challenges yet we’re relying on Hydro Electricity when we have abundant Solar Energy and wind in States like Sokoto, Maiduguri and the likes, do we still need a prophetess to tell us to be creative enough to Utilize what we already have?
    All these put together, only creativity and innovation can provide a perfect tool for leadership success for Africans can solve Africa’s problem, and Africans are too rich to be depedependent.

Georgina Ijachi

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