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 we were able to gather that a young  mobile policeman attached to the Zenith Bank, Zaria on December 23,
killed his colleague and shot six people who were on ATM queue at the same time
including a student of the Umaru Musa Yar’Adua University.
Linda Ikeji gave an eyewitness report Oluwaloniglory
OmoJesu, who confirmed that two others were confirmed dead at the
hospital: Read below….

“I was there when it all went down but fear no let me carry phone dey snap the event. It all started like this….
I woke up early this morning, made my way to the bank, Manchester road
precisely where GTBank was situated, I got there, there was no money at
the ATM machine, infact I went round the whole Zaria non of the banks
ATM machines was loaded with money (like say na plan work).
I got
to diamond bank round about, made my way up to zenith bank, I got there
but the crowd there was something else, so as I was about leaving, two
of the mopols guiding the bank were arguing then one of them asked the
other to hand over his rifle to him if not he will shoot him, like play
like play, the guy cocked his rifle, his name was Ayuba Hamisu while the
other one was Joshua Matthew both of them were Sergeants and attached
to Mopol 47 squadron Zaria, so Joshua handed over his rifle to Ayuba
knowing fully well that Ayuba has already cocked his rifle and anything
can happen, while the rest mopols were just looking in amazement, the next
thing I heard was, lie down, at this moment I knew something terrible
was about to happen.

So I left the premises of the bank, kick
starts my vehicle and drove off immediately, suddenly it was not up to
30seconds I heard a gun shot, people started running for their dear
lives, I parked my car to know what was going on, then I looked down to
zenith bank, two people were already on the ground dead including Joshua
the other Mopol man that was lying on the ground before I left the
The next thing I saw, was an Okada man dropped dead from
his Okada, at that period I knew war has started, as I was trying to get
the clear picture of what really transpired to that ugly event, I saw
the Ayuba with two AK47s shooting rapidly chanting Allah Uhakubar as you
can see from the picture.

I quickly hid myself with others in
one of the shops at PZ bustop, immediately news got to Zaria Area
command who mobilized men to the scene before they could got there one
of the mopols had already shot Ayuba in both legs, he couldn’t get up
again with the rifles fell off his hands and I saw mobs gathered and
started hitting him with so many objects they could lay their hands on.
police later dispersed the crowd, took Ayuba to hospital together with
Joshua who was already dead before getting to hospital and three other
persons who they later confirmed dead on arrival due to multiple gun

They said Ayuba later gave up due to serious beating the mobs
and loss of blood. For this Christmas, I thank my God say my head no
follow join oooo,
make Una help me thank God oooo. the incident was so terrible.”

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