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Here is a post Nathaniel Bassey about his Hallelujah challenge. He shared it on his Instagram. Read below…

1. What is the Hallelujah Challenge – It’s an hour long online praise program UNTO THE LORD.
2. What time of the day does it hold? – 12 mid night Nigerian Time.
3. When is it starting – 1st November, 2017. That is, Tuesday night into Wednesday.
4. How many days would this be for? – 21 days and the theme of this edition is OPEN HEAVENS
5. What about the fast? The fast is happening along side the challenge. Though not compulsory, all are encourage to partake.
6. What time does it end daily? The fast should end at 6pm daily, with an hour of prayer session between 5-6pm at RCCG, THE OASIS – A youth church where Nathaniel Bassey Pastors. It is not going to be aired online. As most people can pray on their own. Interested persons around V.I and environs who desire to join the corporate daily prayers are welcome.
7. Any prayer points? Yes. These will be shared daily.
8. Any Bible passages? Yes, these will be shared daily.
9. How do I join this project? Simply follow @nathanielblow on INSTAGRAM or Connect on Facebook to watch daily.
10. Any main event at the end? Yes, there would be a Hallelujah Festival in Abuja on He 21st day to round off.
11. What if I can fast for health reasons? Please don’t.  Only do so if you are fit and able. The fast is not a condition to join. It’s essentially a spiritual exercise of the RCCG, THE OASIS, the youth church Nathaniel Bassey Pastors.  However, it was thought that doing so side side with the hallelujah Challenge would be worthwhile.
12. How about the First Friday of November? The Hallelujah Challenge will not hold, as that night is the Holy Service in the RCCG REDEMPTION CAMP. However, we may be streaming the service live from camp. But this would be confirmed shortly.
What really is the purpose of all these? It’s essentially a time to seek God. A time of spiritual renaissance and revival. A time to minister unto the Lord. And to cry out to him about our nation(s), Families, and personal Lives. Simply put, it’s a time of Divine Encounter.

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