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What you should know about  KNYINU ZHAN? BY TNB FT GBAGYI MUSIC ICONS.
The Gbagyi Kingdom has witnessed a lot of oppression, marginalization, slow growth and lack of love.
Some people, especially Gbagyi politicians, have become so greedy and have neglected the fact that a tree doesn’t make a forest. Knyinu zhan? What is the matter?
Knyinu Zhan is a song to be released on 7th February 2018 TNB Ft E Daniels,  KhevDee, Gdia, J Clone, Caleb Elisha, Sarki Pikin, Manai Prisca, Tabeetha Fada, Kate Pee, Gen2soul, Clem J, NB Viktor, Mr H, Laluye, Mr Kure, TytJosh, Wordzz and many more.

Strength, God has given us.
Wisdom, God has given us.
Love, Christ came and showed us how to love.
We have what it takes to move the world yet.
Knyinu zhan? Knyinu zhan??

There’s need for us to wake up.
There’s need for us to support one another.
There’s need to fix our house first before others’.
There’s need to bring back the true love in the gene of a true Gbagyi person….
THIS SONG WILL BE DROPPING ON 7_02_2018 on this site
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