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Bwari an area council in Abuja predominantly occupied Gbagyi(indigenes) has in recent times experience ethnic crisis because of the  imposition of a foreign king Awwal Musa Mohammed Ijakoro from Ijah Koro of Niger state the present FCT administration.
This crisis have lingered for a long time; lives and properties destroyed. History have it that the first imposed Sarkin Bwari was a tax collector under Suleja Emirate who was installed as sarkin Bwari and after his death, his son was crowned as Sarkin Bwari. It is pertinent to note that the Bwari chiefdom from time immemorial(14th century) has never at any point in time had an Emir if not for the imposed Awwal Ijakoro from Niger state that has recently caused chaos. The only traditional leadership recognized in Bwari area council of Abuja is Esu and the present Esu is His Royal Highness, Esu Yaro Ibrahim and not Emir perhaps it is not even possible to have two traditional leaders in a community. Below are the past and present Esus, Sabwaya (chiefs) that have over time ruled in
Bwari Chiefdom since 14th century.
1. Tayebebe
2. Dada Do gnuyi
3. Gbabun aza
4. Ladu
5. Kayi
6. Nbwawazayi
7. Nyagnache
8. Atna
9. Anyibada
10. Shebazhin
11. Tamanzhin
12. Zamayi
13. Yaro
14 . Alh. Adamu Samu Pkasaba
1 5. Mr. Isuwa Gbegbe Zamayi
16. Dr. Dimas Isuwa Zamayi
 17. Mr. Ibrahim Yaro JP (Current Esu)
Alhaji Awwal Musa Mohammed Ijakoro on 30th October 2017

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