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“For I can do all things through Christ that gives me strength”
(Philippians 4:13).

Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused an awareness of danger: and just like every other emotion, we don’t have to yield to it, but rather be more given to convictions. Fear is like the fetters on a captive; imprisons a man’s spirit and obstructs growth. Therefore, a fearful person cannot amount to much in anything.

“God has not given us the Spirit of fear but of power, love and of a sound mind”. 2Timothy 1:7.
In a bid to overcome fear, you have to realize that all that you have:  life, talent, purpose, dreams, vision etc. were given God and only God can help you bring them to fruition. This profound discovery brings us to a place of absolute dependence on God, for who best knows a thing than its maker?
“ We are the clay and God is the Potter” Isaiah 64:8.
In most ways fear arises often accompanied its siamese twin doubt.  Doubt quizzes and floods the mind with questions:
Are you sure it will work? You have tried it before oooo and it failed?

Can’t you see that your friend didn’t make it?Just forget it, you can’t do it.
With the chattering of  blah blah blah, they’ll work around the clock to dissuade you from reaching for the goal. Giving them undue attention will cost you more than you can ever imagine, for you will end up drifting from the ultimate task in view.

So to deal with fear, you have to trust God completely as the potter to mould you into his desired shape, for this is the definition of faith ; loosing trust in your strength, ability, limitations and wisdom, then utterly focusing on God to bring out the best in you. Prov 16 :3, 19:21.
Provided the task you have set is right with God, follow the conviction all through. In practical, pray and allow the Holy Spirit lead you step step, your heart might be pounding and drumming hard in the process but hey, who says you can’t just dance your way through it with your faith.

Hebrews 11:1-40. Vs 33 says
“By faith, these people overthrew kingdoms, ruled with Justice,  and received what God had promised : they shut the mouths of lions, quenched the flames of fire and escaped death the edge of the sword ; their weakness was turned to strength, they became strong in battle and put whole armies to flight “… ..
With God all things are possible, our God is too faithful to fail.
Starve your doubts today believing God all the way. Fight off the fears with your faith,
God has never failed and is not about to start with you. Feed you faith and see your fears starve to death. Rom 5:5. One of the strongest ways to get this done is to surround yourself with God’s word; “So then faith cometh hearing, and hearing the word of God.” Romans 10:17. (this includes the most importantly the Bible, listening to recorded messages, listening to spiritual songs etc). All that fear comes to do is to shift your mind from seeing yourself as God sees you. Therefore it is your responsibility to search the scriptures, find and hold on to this word that clearly defines and distinguishes you and allow it become your reality; literally becoming a true reflection of what God’s has said about you in Christ.

Fear is a cage
It steals the will
For us to be free
A war, there is to wage
But with faith
We will always win.
Written Blessing Daniel

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