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Divine Wisdom for Relevance

To be relevant in
your generation, you need the wisdom of God.

The wisdom of God is designed to make us preferred above others.

The reason why Daniel and his three friends were 10 times better than all the
magicians and astrologer that were in all his realm, Was because they were
carriers of God’s wisdom. Daniel 1:20

Daniel was preferred above all other wise men in Babylon because the wisdom of
God was at work in His life.

He was relevant through the reign of 4 kings (Nebuchadnezzar, Belshazzar,
Darius and Ahaseurus) he could not be discarded because of the wisdom at work
inside of him.

Hear this:
should be difficult for people to discard you as irrelevant because we were
created in the image of God, We were meant to reason like God

Truth is, if your presence is not felt your absence cannot be noticed. Make
your presence felt proving your relevance.

Never feel that you know too much. Never feel that you have arrived (to arrive
to soon is to arrive too small) exercise your mind, learn new things daily, do
new things, improve yourself and your relevance cannot be denied.

I pray for you today may the wisdom of God that makes you preferred above
others be released on you now. From today may your relevance in this generation
be evident in Jesus name. You are blessed.

Auza Moses

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