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The controversial self-styled marriage counselor, Rev. George Lutterodt, is back with a new explosive bombshell.

In a recent interview on Okay FM’s ‘Ofie Kwanso’ with Abeiku Santana, the counselor revealed that the King James Version of the Bible is for homosexuals and Rastafarians and it is not original because it was not translated directly from the Greek manuscript.
According to him, people should use the New International Version (NIV) because that was translated directly from the Ancient Greek manuscript.
“King James Bible is not the original manuscript, the translation was made a gay, so if you want to read the bible and understand what it is about, use the NIV, new international version, that is direct from the Greek word. Anytime anybody is reading King James, they read it so that it will fill their whims and caprices, so Gays, Rastafarians and those who want to do their things use King James”, he said.
Rev. Lutterodt advised that Christians make use the NIV side side with King James for a better understanding of the word.
Source: L.Ikeji

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