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Today Wednesday which is suppose to be a special segment for our Words In Pen but our hearts are saddened that Nigeria is not safe even with the people who are suppose to be our protector – The Nigerian Police Force. We are therefore lending our voices collectively to say that let every police brutality be put to a stop.

As young people, our lives matter, we don’t have to wait until we are all dead before we speak out. Our future is great, and we have so much to achieve so why should we be wasted like chicken. Truth is, we can only be successful when we are first of all secured and safe. Success is not achieved under the influence of fear and insecurity.

The #EndSARS protest in Nigeria has become a necessity because the lives of the leaders of tomorrow are threatened which interprets that there is probably a tactical plan not to make the supposed leaders of tomorrow truly leaders.

How can the men who are paid with tax payers money to protect their fellow citizens become threat to same citizens. They use the guns and bullets bought with tax payers money to kill those who pay the tax. Well, it’s not just to end the SARS or change their name to SWAT but the most important thing is that these set of individuals who have become beasts with government black uniforms should be re-trained and reformed. The Nigeria police force (NPF) needs complete re-orientation and some probably needs rehabilitation. This is because lots of innocent Nigerian youths have suffered injuries and some, death in the hands of some of these SARS officers.

SARS unit was created to tackle crime and insecurity but lots of innocent Nigerians have suffered more and thus, the #ENDSARS and #Stoppolicebrutality .

The lives of Nigerian youths need to be safe. We plead that the government should listen to her citizens and make Nigeria a better place. Finally let the families of these victims be compensated.


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