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Its no longer news that a huge fashion event – “Suleja Fashion Week” is coming up in Suleja town of Niger State, Nigeria. The Organizers of Suleja Fashion Week released an official press statement. Read below:

“It is very appropriate to say Fashion is as old as man because fashion has been in existence from time immemorial and man has delved into fashion even without self-awareness.
Today, either directly or indirectly man and his terrain are both involved in fashion and style.
The reason might not be because of the desire to be a fashionista but in a way, fashion is a key to man’s modesty, identity and for business to those who are into it. The Government isn’t left behind as it serves as economic booster. The fashion industry as a whole is a big and fast-growing industry, this provide jobs and source of revenue for individuals and Government.
It is in this regard that the Organizers of Suleja Fashion Week have deemed it fit to launch out her maiden fashion event tagged Culture, Our Pride. It is true that we are all a product of our culture and tradition and this affects every sphere of our existence. The fashion sector worldwide has a feel of a particular culture creatively.
This event is geared towards bringing to limelight our various indigenous cultural heritage in every fashion sense. Culture is part of us and fashion is part of our culture.
Fashion designers are therefore invited to creatively design and style our culture in fashion sense. This will be achieved with exhibition of these outfits through professional models.
It’s a great time for both fashion designers and models to creatively express our various cultures in modest fashion and style. Suleja Fashion Week 2020 edition is scheduled to take place on the 5th and 6th of December 2020.
Below is the schedule of activities:

  • Reg for models end 17th October
  • Screening of models 24th October
  • Fashion designers ends 31st October
  • Fashion street walk 14 November
  • Sales of ticket starts 1st October.
  • Main event is 5th and 6th December 2020

Registration is ongoing for both Fashion designers and Models. For registeration either as a model or fashion designer, visit:

After successful registration, qualified models will be selected and fashion designers will creatively design for the selected models which will be exhibited at the event.
If you are a fashion designer and a model, its time for you to show what you’ve got to millions of people round the world.
This is also a big opportunity for Vendors of various businesses, Entrepreneurs and Fashion Stakeholders to showcase their products.
Fashion designers, models and vendors should make haste while the sun shines as there is very limited space for Registration. This is the big opportunity you have been waiting for so visit
For enquires/Registration, Sponsoreship, support and Partnership call/WhatsApp:
call: +234 806 289 8177 , 08114954029
email: [email protected]

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