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Here is a statement released the spokes person of FCT Human Rights on the recent bill sponsored Sen. Adadu to establish FCT college of nursing. Read below:

This bill is sponsored Dist. Sen. Philip Tanimu Aduda

The common driving force behind traditional change is commitment. And most times when changes occur, the resilience of the people is triggers and the elastic multiplier effect on the society speaks.
Of course the essence of democracy is to allow the society to be build with the masses idea. This is exactly what transpired today during the senate plenary when the senate called for the first reading of a BILL for an ACT TO ESTABLISH THE FCT SCHOOL OF NURSING & MIDWIFERY (SB 591) 2017 sponsored Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR.
You could recall that some times early this year, a report of admission racketeering and discrimination against the FCT Natives was brought before the Coalition. The Coalition in its wisdom took a brief decision & formally registered its grievance and dismay to the authorities of the school through a protest that brought to halt the activities of the school on the 17th June, 2017.
The protest however, led to the constitution of a committee to resolve and reconcile the agitations of the FCT Natives against the School of Nursing & Midwifery the authorities of the  Health and Human Services secretariat on the order of the Hon. minister of FCT with members of the Coalition. The committee after their sitting, resolved to cede admission slot strictly to FCT Natives in the admission processes and subsequently.
Also in the resolution of the committee, was to promptly inform and call on the attention of the FCT representatives in the National Assembly to seek for a formal and legislative establishment for the school which otherwise, the school would loose its accreditation and existence as there is no law currently establishing the school as required the 1999 constitution of the FRN
However, the Coalition quickly acted on the resolution and formally informed the representatives in the National Assembly. And today, 21st December, 2017. The Bill passed its first reading in the senate.
In what could be seen as “No gap of communication between the FCT Natives and the only Senator representing the FCT”, The Distinguished Senator however, invited members of the coalition of FCT indigenous Associations in a manner of gestalt approach and a rare privilege  to partake in the proceedings of the senate today 21st December, 2017 and watch the first reading of the bill.
Included in this report, are pictures of the event at the senate plenary during the reading of the Bill.
Yunusa Ahmadu Yusuf
Buhun Barkonun Abuja
Spokesperson |FCT Human Rights

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