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Somewhere in Africa, west Africa, Nigeria to be precise.
There’s a significant ethnic group called Gbagyi/Gbari. This set of tribe are found in five states namely: FCT, Nasarawa, Kaduna, Niger and Kogi. They are mostly known for their rich culture, hospitality and love for visitors.

Kinnu zhan? Is actually a question meaning what is Happening? This is a question which spring forth as a result of the strange happenings to Gbagyi race entirely, Gbagyi race has suffered snail growth as if we should call it retardation. Gbagyi/Gbari is the largest tribe in their region and yet some other tribes smaller than them witness rapid growth so evident in the eyes of the world.  In a chat with some few people across the five states.. Whose names are withheld said almost same thing…. the conclusion indicate that 70% of the Gbagyis battle with
1. Greed
2. Lack of unity
3. Charity starts at home but theirs starts outside…( very wrong).
4. Youths easily purchased money.
5. Only few genuinely has love for Gbagyi race..
Their public figures groom themselves and their Children excessively giving very less concentration or attention to the entire race.

Politicians! are you promoting education? What kind of set of people are you awarding scholarship?.

What are your stands concerning issues that concerns the Gbagyis?
How many mental, skills acquisition and entrepreneurs seminar are you organizing for your people?

Our Sa Gbagyis, Esu’s, all Royal fathers. what are you doing to promote our race in your domain? How innovative are you? Are you always depending on the petty Government salaries? If yes then how would you help your people…
Some of our traditional rulers need a mental shift to enable them have good initiatives, after that money follows, its not money always… A traditional ruler who knows his original place can compel politicians, Business men, Civil servants to invest into to growth of the society. I didn’t say beg I said compel.

Politicians could be denied of some air time in medias but royal fathers who are keen in promoting their culture will not be denied in anyway.
We need to embrace medias, the power of medias cannot be over emphasized… We watch Nupe Chiefdom virtually all time in NTA and AIT.. Who they are, what they stand for, and their traditions..
NTA, AIT etc don’t go to them, the Etsu of  Nupes invite them, they pay them. And yet the Gbagyi are larger than them..
Go to Lagos ask of Gbagyi
Go to Anambra ask of Gbagyi
Go to Katsina ask of Gbagyi
They will ask you what’s that?
Oma Gbagyi aje Kinnu zhan?
Eyi Asu  kinnu zhan?
Eya shinpkegyeda kinnu zhan?

Why are we stingy to our own race?
Why do we lack innovative leaders?
I was called if we have a medical doctor in my ward shamefully we only have one. Why can’t our chairmen device means to encourage students to go into sensitive fields like medicine, engineering, or law?. Rather paving ways for some unnecessary things.. Award today award tomorrow! For what?????? What are the awardees seeing that we the masses are not seeing?????

Kinnu zhan?? Seriously kinnu zhan??
The senseless, opportunists, rich greedy, uneducated people getting richer through the help of youths..
Gbagyi youths there’s need for us to change our mindset in so many things only us can truly foster the growth of Gbagyi race…

Those in politics let us go for what will help us, who will help us, who has us at heart.
Those in Business, help those you can around you, teach them the terms of business, let us grow together.

Civil servants you can render help within your rich..

Religious clergy’s, military personnel’s let’s put hands together and help.

You must not be a big man to help, if you can not do it in a little way where you are now, you cannot do it when you are big..

Longlive GbagyiIconsNigeria
Longlive Gbagyi/Gari race
Longlive our heritage
Longlive our chiefdoms
Longlive Nigeria
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