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As the military and other security forces arrived Kagara of Niger state where both students and staff were kidnapped, photos of the secondary school was taken and the names of the victims were released.

The general public has lamented over the shattered secondary school that looks deserted. Some of the hostels look more like abandoned buildings. See photos below:

Report has it that the Armed Bandits that invaded government science college kagara Rafi LGA niger State forcefully took away 27 students, 3 teachers and 12 of their families.

The following Persons are the names of the teachers

1. Hannatu Philip 2. Lawal Abdullahi 3.Dodo fodio .

Non teaching staff are

1 MOHAMMED Musa 2.faiza Mohammed .

Family members

1. Christiana Adama Adama 3.maimuna suleman 4. Nura isah 5.Ahmad isah 6.khadizat Isah 7mohammed Mohammed 8 aisha isah 9.saratu isah .

Below are the names of the kidnapped students

1.jamilu ISAH 2. Shem Joshua 3. Abbas Abdullahi 4.isah Abdullahi 5.Ezekeil DANLADI 6 Haliru SHUIBU 7. Mamuda suleman 8.Danzakar DAUDA 9.Abdulsamad sanusi 10.Bashir Abbas 11.Suleman LAWAL 12.abdullahi ADAMU 13.Habakuk Augustine 14.Idris MOHAMMED 15.musa ADAMU 16.Abdulkarim Abdulrahman 17.Abubakar Danjumma 18.abdullahi Abubakar 19.Bashir kamalideen 20. MOHAMMED Salisu 21. Yusuf M Kabir 22. Isah Abdullah makusidi. 23.polineous Vicente 24. Lawal BELLO 25.mohammed k Shehu 26.mubarak sidi 27.Abdulsamad Nuhu.


1. Benjamin HABILA. (Was shot and killed the BANDITS in the school premises)

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