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– My party Chairman
– Other party executives
– The New AMAC/BWARI member elect
– The New Abuja South member elect
– Other top national exco member(s) here present
Gentlemen of the Press
Firstly  I thank God for finding us worthy to be part of the success story all over the years.
Today’s Press brief is is a victory call, and a rare one owing to the circumstances that culminated to this point that we are at the moment.
Before I express my exclusive appreciation to the good and resilient people of my senatorial district (FCT), let me thank my direct opponent and other candidates who ran the just concluded National Assembly elections with me.
You are all wonderful!! Maybe if you had not contested the elections, I would have not known the level of my popularity in the FCT but again let me say my constituents have not surprised me because they have always told me “THEY ARE WITH ME”
I appreciate the tremendous faith you have placed in me and I singularly want to assure you that…”I will not fail you”. We have being together and I have ran an OPEN DOOR policy ever since. Please be rest assured that nothing will change but that WE WILL PUT IN MORE WORK to ensure our relationship together is stronger.
Let me also specially thank you all for the spectacular way you conducted yourselves from day one of the electioneering exercise till this moment.
You have shown me that you have respect for each and everyone of us not fermenting trouble before, during and after the elections and to my direct opponents, your conducts before, during and after the elections has also translated the magnitude of your love and passion for peace and security in the FCT.
To the security agencies all incharge of the FCT, thank you for the professional conduct before, during and after the elections.
In this 8th Assembly, we have achieved so much spanning from granting scholarship to eligible higher institutional students to inculcating vocational and skills acquisition on our people. We have also built roads, electrify communities, developing town halls and providing water and affordable and accessible Health care to our people.
More also, Before the elections my cardinal objective and campaign mantra was “THE PEOPLE”. today, I want humbly inform you that the people of the FCT remains the cause. Our near constitution of statelessness will be fought with vigor. Regardless of the challenges ahead, we will not be deterred because I am sure, THE PEOPLE will always be with me.
To those part of the entire senatorial district that our various projects and programmes where not felt, please let me assure you that we are almost in your community and surely, you will feel the impact in just a moment.
Finally let me also use this platform to ones again call on the people of the FCT to again conduct ourselves in a peaceful Manner for the forthcoming Area Council chairmanship election come Saturday 9th February 2019.
I urge all candidates of various parties and their supporters to be law abiding and eschew campaigns of calumny against each others. Remember FCT is for all of us hence the need to remain peacefully together as one indivisible family.
I thank you all ones again for reposing your confidence on my leadership dexterity with onerous sincerity of purpose.
Thank you all
Long live PDP!
Long live FCT!!
Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
Senator Philip Tanimu Aduda MFR,
(senate Minority Whip).

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