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The new Chairman of PDP, Uche Secondus, has accused the Federal government of building new prisons with the hope of locking up PDP members in 2018 so they would not contest against APC candidates in 2019.

Uche who was elected chairman of the party two weeks ago, said this when he spoke at the opening of a two-day retreat for members of the newly elected National Working Committee of the party in Abuja yesterday, December 19th.

“We learnt that they are building more prisons. Let them go ahead and build more. They will be the one to stay there. We learnt that they are coming after our members in January.  Let them continue.  How many people will they put in jail? They should stop intimidating people. They should remember that almost everybody they had put in jail wrongly came back to become President. This is because they were jailed unjustifiably.  So, if they are persecuting us, let them continue. But we will not withdraw the ultimatum we gave them to quit Aso Rock in 2019.”
Speaking further, Secondus condemned the APC for always describing the PDP’s era in government as one plagued corruption. According to him, the party stabilized all the structures to fight corruption in the country.
“We stabilised the structure to fight corruption.  Obasanjo, a PDP President, started the fight against corruption.  He fought our members. But unlike now, no matter how corrupt you are, if you don’t want to be arrested, just defect to the APC. APC should stop intimidating our leaders. We will no longer take it; enough is enough. They don’t need to attack us; they should fulfil what they promised us. Enough of this; we are not in a military era. What I am telling them is that God is not sleeping. When the time comes, the people will speak through their votes. We handed over freely in 2015 and they should be prepared to hand over to us. No amount of intimidation will distract Nigerians.” he said

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