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The English dictionary defines ‘Prostitution’ as a means of engaging in sexual activity with another in exchange or compensation such as money or valuable goods or services. It could also be seen as a debasement for unworthy profit or motives. Debasement means to lower ones standard in character, quality or value.

    As seen above, the act is therefore motivated the love for material things which I could rightly say, it is mostly caused lack of contentment which in turn leads to greed. This is mostly found among young men and ladies especially those in the higher institutions. They do all that because they want to meet to standard with the so-called “big girls” with sophisticated gadgets, cars and so on in the school. Because they wanna be like some other persons, they tend to forget who they are, they become greedy and ungrateful to their parents or guardians who struggle to meet their needs  and in turn go for  prostitution as the only means of becoming sophisticated like some other persons . 

     In the same light, some people  go into the act of prostitution due to some circumstances such as rape, heartbreak experiences and others go into it for the pleasure of it. But the question is, when found in a tragic situation, “is selling your body the only option to get out of it?”

      Sexual immorality or prostitution cause you, your pride, dignity, your self-worth and respect. I am more particular about the females now,  this is because women are always at the receiving end. A man could easily get his prestige back unlike the ladies. What ladies fail to understand is, men don’t stress themselves for what they can easily get so cheaply. You slayed without brains and got numerous guys around you and you think you have arrived but hey, also remember that “only cheap goods in the markets attract many customers”. When you make yourself so cheap, men will only come and make you their sex-machines; when they get tired and want to settle down in order to build a family, they forget about you who have made yourself so cheaply available and they go for that  special lady who has kept herself, her dignity and pride not minding what it will cost them and believe me, they will forever live to cherish and protect same new girl.  why? Because she is a virtuous woman in proverbs 31 who is the pride of her husband.
   No doubt, the act of prostitution gives you fame, popularity that you want or what the world sees as a big girl standard of living (extravagant lifestyle) but hold on,  does all these last? Do you feel fulfilled/satisfied when engaged in such an ugly act? You can deceive the public saying yes it does but you and I know that it does not bring satisfaction nor fulfilment and one person that you can never lie to is yourself.
   Research has shown that most ladies who go into such act, do this in order to make ends meet. But please beloved, that isn’t the only option infact its never an option. What about crafts that is, skills acquisition and  trade? And for those who engage in this act in order to satisfy their sexual urge, why not get your mind with other activities that would help you develop yourself skillfully or better-still get married and have it legally.

   Finally, my advice to you reading this is never allow yourself to be used anyone for the sake of  money nor pleasure for you worth more than that. For young ladies like myself, we have the future of the world in our hands, as an adage goes “Educate the female-child and save the universe”… Wow! how does that sounds, powerful right? Yes that’s what you can do. You can save the universe. You’ve got the power to mould your generation to the desired shape. In order to exercise such power, keep your self worth, dignity, respect and pride. Do not  share the destiny of your children, the future leader of the next generation with random men just keep yourself and build your home in trust. Remember not everyone got a second chance to repeat, so all you got is “now”.
  Dare to be different, yes I know problems will come your way but see those problems as challenges because that’s the only way you will get solutions, problems only bring self pity.
   Prostitution is never an option in solving your financial needs nor pleasure. There are better options/ choices for example: you can go into  craft works, tailoring, hairdressing etc. The most important thing is discover your gifts and potentials then, work on them to  affect yourself and the world positively.
Very importantly, never despise your little beginnings because it is in it that your victory/success is built. Failure is not the end of you if you are determined to stand up and try again. God bless us all as we key into what God is saying concerning our lives and not what circumstances is saying.
Know that its never too late to turn away from evil acts.  You have now to make the decision in order to take a bold step to make yourself better person and the world a better place.
Written Abigail Moses

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