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The contest for miss Gbagyi was yesterday and Faith who won last year gave the crown to 2016 miss Gbagyi winner.
 Today been Saturday 17th Dec. An Abuja Gospel musician Godiya Danga popularly known as Gdia took to her Facebook to express what she feels about the whole process. Though after few minutes, she deleted the post from her wall…  Read the post below:

“So last night, they “selected” their latest miss gbagyi. Selected???? Yes!
If you want to be one, its either you sell your body to all or have a relation who would sponsor. Babe! You don’t need to be qualified, and you really dont have to think of making impact, just get the crown and leave people wondering what impact you’re really making.
I see gbagyi people going no where, no wonder even in the streets of Abuja, no one knows there is a tribe as such because of greed and immorality you guys have embraced. Congratulaions to the “New Selected Miss Gbagyi”. Sannu ku.”

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