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Today Saturday 25th of July 2020 has been a rainy day as Suleja LGA in Niger State recorded heavy rain down pour. Although rain is supposed to be a blessing but to some, it has become a nightmare as they experience hardship in the midst of the down pour.

As others were busy at night enjoying the cool breeze of the rain, others were crying and being drained. This was the situation of some communities along Kaduna express road , Madalla, poulosa/Rafin sanyi vicinities ( Suleja LGA in Niger) leading to Zuba in Abuja.

It was recorded that the flood took away cars, house and dead bodies were seen all around as a result of the flood.

According to an eye witness report who reside there told us that, a particular man lost his wife and two children. He was able to be rescued because; “he rose his hand up and people saw him there and saved his life”

This sad incident also happened in some other areas of Suleja like Kwamba, Gabodna and Maje. But the most terrible is the former, earlier mentioned.

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