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A.S. Henry is an Abuja base Gospel Music Minister. In these times, the sounds of God are the only threshold upon which the saints can reign here on earth and even in the realms unseen.It is to this end that he (A. S. Henry)has taken it upon himself to cause a change and raise the praise of yaweh.
At every point in our lives, we need a help, a guide which is Our God and Our Love. When we raise praises, His blessings come down. EVERYTHING is one sound geared towards this. Listen, download and have a blessed day!




Contact A.S. Henry:

Instagram: @a_s_henry
Twitter: @a_s_henry
Facebook: Atanze Samuel Henry

Lyrics of “Everything”

From the depths of my heart i sing
Of the praises of he who’s king
He who loves me like no other
My redeemer,my provider
All that i have is all that i give, its praise
Chorus: Jesus (×3)
Youre everything,everything to me(×2)
Calls b/up
All:Hallelujah praises to our king
Tongue-tied ,cant describe your mercies
Who else speaks and the earth quakes
All that i have is all that i give its praise. (×2)
Jesus (×3)
You’re everything, everything to me
Yahweh (×3)
Youre everything, everything to me.
Everything (×3)
Youre everything
Everything to me

Lead: No one can do what you do(×2)
Resp:No one can do what you do.(×2)
Lead: O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O we chant to you Ooo
Resp: O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O …Till fade.

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