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A thoughtful man is a grateful man, and this certainly rings true for Nigerian-born, Russian-based gospel singer, Nosakhare Godwin. With a passion for music and a heart filled with gratitude, Nosakhare Godwin pours her soul into every note she sings as she releases another single titled Grateful.

Her powerful vocals and soul-stirring lyrics have touched the hearts of many and continue to inspire people across the globe. As a woman of faith, she believes that her music is a gift from God, and she uses it to spread love and positivity wherever she goes.

Through her music, Nosakhare Godwin reminds us of the importance of being grateful for the blessings we have in life and encourages us to share our gratitude with others.

Produced by Oluwadrumma

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Lord I’m grateful
Jesus I’m grateful
Lord I’m grateful
I’m grateful for life

For the life that you gave me
For the air that I breath free of charge
Lord i’m grateful
I’m grateful for life

You pull down the mountain
You pull down the wall
Yes you brake every chain
Oh you pull down the mountain
You destroy every strong hood
You brake every chain
Jesus we’re grateful for life

Amazing God you come through for me
Yes you step in for me
Lord am grateful am grateful for life

For the dead that you raise..Lord we’re grateful
For the sicks that you heal
Yes we’re grateful
For the souls that you save
We’re grateful for life

The havens declared
The glory of the Lord.
And the firmament showeth
It hand works
We’re grateful for life

January we’re grateful
December we’re grateful
365days we’re grateful
We’re grateful for life


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