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Governor Nasir El-Rufai engaged in bants last night while reacting to a video shared on Twitter by popular comedian Teju Babyface. 

In the short video from a 2010 interview with the comedian, Governor El-Rufai said he used to be secretary-general of the short people association. He also shared some challenges he had before getting over not being tall enough. 

The Kaduna state Governor said in the interview; 

“I used to be the secretary-general… at a point at my teenage years, in my early 20s I had big issues with my height because you know all the pretty girls turn out to be taller than me.

“But with time, I got over it. I managed to get a pretty and intelligent woman to marry who was an inch shorter than me.”

King of Talk@Tejubabyfacetv

I AM A MEMBER OF THE NIGERIAN ASSOCIATION OF SHORT PEOPLE! @nelrufai is a self deprecating character 😃. Sir, I am taller than you o. Hian!
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Reacting to a video of the interview after it was shared Teju Babyface, Governor El-Rufai jokingly described Vice President Yemi Osinbajo as the current chairman of the Nigerian Association of Short People. 

He tweeted; 

Yes…..I remember this @Tejubabyfacetv interview in 2010… time flies….HE VP Osinbajo is the current chairman of the Nigerian Association of Short People….so we are represented at the highest echelons of governance! Thanks Teju

Osinbajo is the current chairman of Short People Association of Nigeria ? Governor El-Rufai jokes
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