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Just today been Tuesday 9th of January 2018 a young Gbagyi man called Graeme Shekwonya Elisha from Niger state took to his Facebook wall expressing dissatisfaction with Gbagyi girls who are now into modelling with no or less knowledge of the Gbagyi culture itself and how Gbagyi nation is gradually going on extinction and also how the Gbagyi people are been humiliated. Read his post below….

“YES! I see beautiful Gbagyi ladies’ pictures flying up-and-down on almost every social media I know flying up-and-down with different poses.  Some contesting for this others posing for that with fitala and zukunpa and kabwa in their possession.  
The next question I ask myself is that I hope they know the use of the gadgets that is in their possession. Unfortunately, some of them cannot interact with what they claim to show off both in language and in skill. 
No wonder we can’t stand firm to take our rights and responsibilities because we have loosed grips of what is binding us together. 
Our Gbagyi youths going astray like sheep without shepherd because our leaders are exchanging our rights, lives and properties for fried pea nuts that won’t grow to bear fruits. Fathers selling out inheritances to those who don’t care,  mothers giving out our daughters with the blind eyes of illiteracy,  brothers used to sow a seed of discord in the community and sisters blindfolded with materials that cannot cover their nakedness. 
We all, standing and watching as our heritage is been eroded through time and heading for extinction in our Fatherland. God forbid. We must rise to responsibilities before us if we must survive the times. 

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