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Pigs are valuable for their flesh, prepared as ham, bacon, and pork, and for their fat (lard); they also provide many other products, e.g., leather for gloves, footballs, and other articles, and bristles for brushes.

Pork(meat from pig) provides vitamins B6, B12, thiamine, niacin, riboflavin and pantothenic acid, which are beneficial for healthy growth and development in children and for the constitutions of adults.

This is to say that which ever way you think of it, rearing pig either for food or for commercial purposes are all important.

Johnny Piggery Farms is your number one Pig farm to get the best of kinds of pigs.

Johnny piggery farms operates 24 hours daily; Johnny Piggery Farms rears piglets and sow majorly for consumption and commercial purposes and you could get both in small and large quantity.

Contact Piggery Farms :09097878775,
Email: [email protected]

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