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Praise the Lord (Yahweh), for the Lord(Yahweh) is good; sing praise to his name, for that is pleasant – Psalm 135: 3

God created us so we can worship and praise Him because He deserves it, He loves it and praise/worship is one major thing that brings God’s glory down; No Wonder the Bible says “The Lord inhabits the praises of his people.” 
It is in this light that we have “YAHWEH 2018, put together I Am Best Music of IAMBESTNETWORKS. YAHWEH is a worship session put together to magnify The Almighty God and Exalt His Holy name via good music different music ministers from different part of the world. It is also to edify the body of Christ (Church). We trust God that in this YAHWEH 2018, there will be healing & deliverance, provision , salvation and miracles will be experience.
In this year’s Yahweh experience which will be on Sunday 22nd April 2018, the following music ministers will be present: E-Daniels, Jimmy Idoko, Elisha Jnr, Benjameen Riches & The Incredibles, GOG Mass Choir, Milk & Honey Choir, Moses Ibrahim & Jared Daniel (Anchor). 
Time: 4pm at Voice of Faith Church Niger Motel Road behind JEFAP School Suleja, Niger state.
Don’t miss this experience with Yahweh because God will prove Himself & He will be exalted in your life.
For seat reservation & enquiries call or WhatsApp 08130286036 or 07057457203. You can email us : [email protected]
See you there. Don’t come alone, invite friends, love ones, neighbours and even enemies. Stay blessed.

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Call or whatsapp: 08130286036; call:07057457203
Facebook: I Am Best TV
Instagram: @iambestnetworks

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