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Reports just reaching us now that the residents of Ikorodu community in Lagos state are currently staging a protest following the decision of the state government to ban the LAGBUS(red buses) from plying their route which already has the BRT (blue buses) plying it. Read what the Commissioner said in his own words

“Henceforth, the LAGBUS buses can only provide end to end bus services using the expressway and service lanes along the Ikorodu Road stretch. The restriction does not extend to charter staff buses run LAGBUS; does not preclude access to depot along Ikorodu road and express services are allowed with only few designated stops. All routes from Ikorodu hinterland will now terminate at TOS Benson Bus Stop after which there will be no loading of passengers. However, the operations of LAGBUS buses have been moved to other 14 routes identified the Lagos State Metropolitan Transport Master Plan.” This unannounced decision this morning left many residents stranded and couldn’t go to work. They are still protesting till this hour.

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