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president Robert Mugabe’s spokesperson has revealed that Robert Mugabe who is the World’s oldest and one of the longest serving Heads of State, will not be contesting in the presidential election in 2018. Reports have it that  he was advised to drop out of the race his medical doctors because of his bad health.
 Report also has it that the president, who has endured a cocktail of health woes, including eye cataract problems, reported prostate cancer and paining swollen feet, will embark on another round of medicals in Singapore, Hong Kong or Malaysia when he goes for his annual Christmas holiday with his family in December.
Though,  it’s yet to be officially announced but the government’s unidentified official while explaining the state of the president’s medical records was quoted on ZimNews saying:

‘The President’s medical records are classified and private, I cannot disclose anything, but he (Mugabe) has a clean bill of health at the moment. However he is not going to contest the coming elections, after being told doctors that the campaigning alone will take a heavy toll on him. You will soon find out for yourselves, but the long and short of it is that he is already out of that race.’

Robert Mugabe is 92 years old now, he  assumed the office of the President in 1987 and having ruled for over 30 years.

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