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The lockdown as a result of coronavirus all over the world has not been an easy one as every nation has lost businesses, individuals faced with hunger and the world economy shattered. Nigeria is not an exception as it has affected everyone and thus, the need to share supportive materials called palliatives.

Both Government and religious organizations have all teamed up to save humanity distributing various items including food to cushion hunger and poverty. Individuals with good hearts have also showed Love to cushion hunger.

Today 7th June 2020, the Popular “1st ECWA Church in Suleja Niger State” distributed palliatives to all members to help cushion the hunger facing everyone. This was done after the church service in the church premises. It was a thing of joy as tears were wiped away from the faces of those facing hunger especially the needy members, widows and orphans. The First ECWA church Suleja leadership and the welfare committee made it known that the church has not stopped sharing palliatives and will not stop doing good as this is what Jesus and His disciples did in the Bible.

This act according to the church members we interviewed said this is the second time the church leadership is sharing palliatives to assist her members since the spread of covid-19.

Our correspondent, Deborah Danbaba who was there reported that items shared include rice, maggi, corn, salt, guinea corn, yam flour known as “alobo”.

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