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“Whatever will be will be” will only keep you down with nothing. For it to be as it supposed to be or how you want it to be, you have to stand up and make it be.

I realized before now that I’d this”whatever will be will be” mentality and this is when I don’t want to work hard or when i want to lazy around rather than putting more work in order to get a desired result or get an excellent result. And this mindset has a way of making you feel so relaxed and not do anything since you cannot come and kill yourself. At the end of the day you either settle for an average or nothing at all when you can actually get the best. And one thing this mentality does is, it keeps you at a spot. Not going forward and settling for whatever life brings to you.

For it to be, you have to stand up and make it be. Things don’t just be or fall into place without a work being put on it. And there’s no such thing as luck, work would have been done if not you but someone else.

For you to grow or achieve your set goals you have to do away with such mentality of letting things comes the way they like in your life. You have to take charge of whatever that comes to your life.

I know there are times when we don’t have control over some things but that shouldn’t be your leverage always especially in the things you know you can handle when you add some hardwork.

Writer: © Abigeal Moses

Abigail Moses

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