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Yesterday Wednesday, the National 
Director General of National Biotechnology Development Agency (NABDA),
Prof Lucy Ogbadu, has said there is nothing like plastic rice in
Nigerian markets. She said the video which was circulating on social
media is false and should never be taken seriously.

disclosed this on Wednesday at the November edition of Open Forum on
Agricultural Biotechnology (OFAB) which was held in Abuja.According to the Professor of Microbiology, Nigerians should not panic as the plastic rice story was false.
She also said there was no reason why that could be possible.

Ogbadu said: “We do not believe in the story of plastic rice
production. One, producing rice from plastic would be very, very
expensive and no business man would venture into it. Two, I have gone
around and around and did not see any plastic rice in the markets or
anywhere else. All the rice I saw did not look plastic. 
Some people, I believe, are only trying to scare away consumers of rice from certain rice brands”, she said.

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