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Understanding plays a vital role in oone’s life. It influences one’s decision, action and probably way of life. Having understanding sets your life at pace and makes you different through the way you see things and life in whole.
Time brings moments in one’s life which involves growth and livelihood. Understanding it will shape and save you from unnecessary stress, disappointment and anxiety etc.

They are the moments when the future is just at the next door after passing many doors with no one opening for it to come in. They are needy moments when you hardly get needs met.
They are most importantly, LEARNING moments of one’s life in academics, day to day life experience and what have you.
Learning comes up with unforgettable lessons.

They are moments of pressures when your body will be doing you anyhow and the thoughts of “I want to marry”, comes up forgetting that you need to grow in sense, pocket, behaviours, wisdom and other vital aspects of life.
They are moments of choice, corrections and coordination that could possibly dictate how far you can go.
They are investing moments with no immediate profitable returns.
They are moments when ” God na my love”, you love God so much and in constant contact with Him because you need your needs and promising future to become a reality.
They are moments of challenges and temptations that only the brave can stand it, else failure becomes inevitable.
They are moments of admiration, when you admire what you want to have in the life of those who made it and if care is not taken, You take any road just to fit in, forgetting that your present conditions are your growing moments and the time to have what you admired will certainly come.
They are moments when you can shorten your life while still growing or send yourself an early grave in an attempt to live life.

I encourage you all to relax and allow growth to take place in us due to the fact that it comes with appreciative lessons that can set a map to the younger generation.
Take advantage of growth.
Be strong and patient as it could be a slow process and will certainly pass for another phase.

  • Roselyn Sanga Yohanna
    Inspirational speaker
Roselyn Sanga Yohanna

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