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Everyone who has survive the year 2020 deserves a big congratulations. The whole world stood still because of the pandemic, thereafter we were locked down but not knockedout. In spite of all the script 2020 brought before us to act, at some phase we gave out a smile to others.
I understand with some of us that might have painted a bigger 2020 for ourselves but little did we know. To some of us, 2020 was mind blowing with more wins, gain, achievement and money, while to others 2020 made a terrible year. Irrespective of all the shares of ups and downs we had in 2020, we ought to be grateful for the gift of life. What differentiate the living from the dead is known as challenges. The gift of life calls for possibilities and dreams in life.

The year 2020 was just few hours ago and has been swiped to the new 2021. It is important that we flip through the pages of our lives in previous years to give a check on how far, how well life has treated us and what has become of us in this past years.

The year 2021 is a new start for all of us. I strongly believe, everyone has a new start in this subsequent year. Well, the new start some of us will be having is changing our friends, relationships, job, migrating, securing admission to school, getting married, changing career or better still others will level up in their projects and dreams in life. I call this a “New start“. I congratulate us all to a new start.
What does it mean to start?
Start means to begin an activity.
While new means to create.

Welcome to a new start, get a start and key into that start. 2021 is a fresh year for all of us to buy as God spare our lives with breathe. There’ll be a phase in life where you need to get up, stand up, seat up, start and then work hard. Think! Think!Think.

Happy New Year friends. I am Justina Barde
Congratulations, it is a new start with love from IAMBESTNETWORKS LTD

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