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The day you’ve longed awaited for
Graduation day is fully come.
And so now ends your college career.
Always remember the hearts whom held you sedately
Forget not to vision your future without nemesis
Cause the day is bright
And now is your Genesis.

An Awesome day that seemed never to come
Since your first step into that classroom door
And today is the right time to unlock your all
Spread your wings of hard work into success
To amplify your lift to the future.

Copper Shun!
It’s time for Left, Right, and About Turn
Shey you remember when your anxiety pushed you
How long you waited to wear that KHAKI
These stuffs hyped you
19,500 to 30,000 naira Alawee freaked you
Like Halloweens.
After a while,
3 weeks in camp was like 3years in JAJI cantonment,
Because those Military officers Drilled you(and tagged you OTONDO)
Then you hungered for P. O. P
Cause you were tired of the CDS and PPA
So you could make a champagne Pop
In little cups.
After all the downs and ups,
You remember those whom you started with.
As Corps,
So funny you met antagonist and clowns at camp
Sad enough some returned home as corpse.
And you were like oops!
you realized the meaning of the Phrase “No hurry in life.  Don’t Rush”
Now that you’re ready to face the world
Everything is now hush.
What do you do?
you ask.

Just shed a tear,
 share a smile,
And express the Joy in abundance
Be sure to vividly remember all the positive times
you’ve invest in there.
That it may dominate
Your universalistic life today’s memory.

Now it’s Moments to dare.
Dare to Soar into your future,
Dare to Act your life scripts,
Accomplish what you’ve hoped for,
Dare to aspire beyond the galaxies,
Ensuring it’s more than a bromide.
Dare the etch you.
Dare to make the unfeasible feasible.
Dare to achieve not within the scope of your wildest expectations in life
Dare to stand out when others are seated
Dare to step out when others are standing
Dare to fulfill your Potentials
Dare to execute your Destiny
Dare to be limitless
Dare to say I AM BEST
Dare to SayIt… Poetry.
(Thumbnail Photo credit: Corper Naija – Amebo Media)
Written Elisha Jnr

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