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We all are from the lineage of political figures but to what extent are we involved in politics? Whoever says He/She doesn’t like politics is like a man drowning in the river but still insist he doesnt like water. Well, I mean to say that the betterment of our country is a collective responsibility. Just as the three arms of governnent which are the Executive, legislative and the judicial have it’s own responsibility to carry out solomly so also the universal suffrage who exercise their rights to vote. But what do we do as youths, when all our hands have been on deck to ensure that those who promised us better lives through many manifestos failed us? WE WERE TOLD ALL HANDS ARE ON DECK TO BRING OUT A BETTER VERSION OF US. Should all hands still be on deck for those who have failed us NOT ONCE, NOT TWICE NOT THRICE BUT COUNTLESS TIMES? No! All hands are on deck this time to take our destinies in our own hands.
Are all hands still truly on deck after a slow recovery from a pandemic known as Covid-19? Sure, YES! Few weeks after bans are lifted, tensions relieved, anxiety still crawling away like tortoise, we gathered our last few strength together to return to our daily lifestyle and hustle either on the streets or offices, but we’re misunderstood and these groups of people who have no respect for human lives are not repentant. We only wanted to prove to the world that we, aren’t as lazy as they tagged us to be but what do we get in return? Killing,killing and killing.
Academically, are all hands still truly on deck for a better education when most private universities are already in operations while State and Federal Universities are still on strike reason being that the demands of the “Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU)” for the release of funds to rejuvenate academic sector isn’t met?
Politically, are all hands still truly on deck when the mantle of leadership keep rotating only in the hands of elites clinging to it like a maiden’s breast?
Are all hands still truly on deck when the elites in our midst divides us and made us fight and killed ourselves? We protested peacefully for a good governance and unnecessary killings which had been in existence for almost a decade, we had sleepless night protesting for our own rights but the elites still choose to use the social climber among us against us.
Are all hands still truly on deck when a civil war is already ignited in our hearts using our own soiled children to kill us instead of defending us? Are all hands still truly on deck when our own lives are at stake if we don’t obey before complain? Are all hands still truly on deck when our land has become hell on earth and too hot for us to bear? Are are hands still truly on deck to ensure a better Nigeria?
what I see in today’s Nigeria is disheartening!

– Georgina Ijachi
Facebook: Georgina Ijachi
Phone number: 08069580251.


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