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It’s a new year and every beginning of a new year birth so many motivational speakers that have one or two things to say about how one should go through the year. Everyone just have something to say, so many ideas here and there. So many pressures here and there.

Dear, do not rush yourself. It is okay that you’re still observing the year before you know which way to go and it’s very much okay to still work with that plan you had or made last year so long you know you’re on the right path.
No first position in success, every wise person works with his/her pace, no competition, no rivalry. Your friends are already having a head way, fine! Be happy for them. You are still trying to figure out yourself, fine! Keep trying, you will surely find yourself out.

In all these, be selective about the things you allow to influence you. Know what you want for yourself. Make Strategic networking. Trust God wholeheartedly. Apply wisdom while you work hard. With all these, you will definitely get a desired results.

Be calming down, do not be hard on yourself!

Have a wonderful 2022

Writer: Abigail Moses Bashir

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