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I didn’t just wake up a day and find myself wearing designers suit, no. Before today, I have put on tattered clothes, squeezed, oversize and fairly used.
I didn’t just arrive into a future just like that, no. I did not start owning this flashy car just like that.
Before riding a car, I toiled tireless in the past to own a bicycle, motorcycle and a car. This car look sophisticated to you. But the truth of the matter is, I have own cars that turned me into a regular visitor at mechanics but today I have a song.
Everyone of us have a beginning. Most humans are so concern about one’s glory but only few are ready to ask about our stories. I didn’t wake up to become, I become as I am becoming. Stop being afraid to start something with your life. We need stories in life because a man without a storyline isn’t prepare for glory. Those stories need to be told to others even as they mount on ladders in life. Your glory will always have weight because of your life stories.

When we run a check on each other, we will understand that some of our schoolbag are fill with potentials yet to be dish out. Oh, I have seen people who are afraid of failing, nobody wants to be an object of scorn, not at all. This is because at every given decision put together with action your heartbeat for clapping ovation from an audience. We must learn to fight the right way because each day confronts us with something to fight for. That is number one basic for our existence.

My life is an interesting novel, it has a bit of it all. In all of it, I have embrace the truth which says, “the world itself is a stage”, where we dramatise our characters. In this short run, it is compulsory for us to be good actors and actresses.

Let me borrow someone’s voice, “There is no small platform, we must learn to maximize each platform and opportunity given to us. Don’t joke with moment, no one can tell how your elevation hour will begin”.
It’s a process, you got to love the process as well as trust the process. The entirely process centers on God’s dealing over your life.

Stay safe
Stay home.
Happy Wednesday.

Justina Barde

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