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I will like to pick up the story from where I stopped in my last piece.
There is something unique about me which I never knew until I graduated from the university. Let me say ignorance and idleness was a veil on my face then.
I Just recently realized that some of my friends, classmates or course mates where indeed part of my making. Ooh you deserve accolades wherever you guys are now.
Remember we are still on our topic “every song has a story”. We got to embrace and love our little beginnings. Circumstances around us will always prompt us to fight then because we love the big things of life.
It isn’t bad.

About my little beginnings. I am sure you want to know why I said some of my classmates or course mates where part of my making. I remember when some persons brought assignment to me to read through for suggestions, corrections and for added knowledge. I had said no simply because I felt I wasn’t the teacher neither the lecturer. Other times I felt I wasn’t in the same discipline with others so I had little or no knowledge about their course of study. There were times I said no and later accepted to take full responsibility even though I didn’t believe in myself the way they do. Unknown to me they were little beginnings.
My best friend on campus from sociology department nicknamed me his “offline editor”. I never liked it even though we always argue about the name. His reason for calling me that name was simply because I always pointed out his errors especially in his writing, assignment, anything readable written him even on social media. I felt insulted each time he used that name on me.
Now, in my very own family, my siblings started calling me “chief editor” popularly known as “editor in chief”. I ask why and the only answer I always get ” you can change things ehnn and trace mistakes”. I don’t really give attention when doing this. I always feel I am just trying to be open, that’s all.
We got little beginnings around us, let’s identify with them.

A friend of mine told me sometime ago that he is putting pen on paper for publication and when he is done, he will pass it to me for editing. It’s just one of the surprises of the year.

Whatever thing you have discovered about yourself, try to invest your best and be passionate about it. Late last year, I learnt something unique about purpose. It has helped me inside and out. These lines keep resounding everyday of my life which has made me so relax about certain things. “Fulfilling purpose is not all about finance”. The day you come to this understanding, you will yearn to touch lives.
This stories are not far from us. Little beginnings will take you into the future. It’s a process that you must love and embrace.
Thanks for your patience in reading through.

Stay safe
Stay home.
Happy Wednesday.

Justina Barde

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