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Helo, I am Justina Barde and writing is among the few things I love doing.
A lot have triggered me putting my ink into paper on this very topic. Some of us have grown into believing a fallacy in this present dispensation on relationship with opposite sex.

Many teenage young boys, girls and youth in their prime age get weird when a lot is being discussed peers and friends. It so evident that a lot of us want to fit into the society, we have chosen to compromise our unnegotiable standards for a clapping ovation.

I am simply not an aged woman but I am aware that some of our indecent dress sense have been influence through the opposite gender. What drives some people’s decisions and moves depend now on what is making another comfortable. Striving to give your best at what makes you feel comfortable should be your ultimate goal and not others. You are Pierce with words, attitudes simply because you are not dead. Get blind, be focus.

Out of some thrilling moments, yeah! We also go dumbfound in discourse. I have learnt ladies shy away from some truth that comes from their fellow ladies likewise the guys.
Let me help you with some pictures in your mental mind.

Mami wore heavy makeup on her face (smiles). Still facing the mirror, her girlfriends told her this powder is just too much and the makeup beauty doesn’t blend at all. Mami payed deaf ears. She majestically walk out to her boyfriend’s house. Arriving there, the guy said “Sweetheart, how come no girl or lady confronted you about your make-up looks from your house, the street to my house. I am so sure you ran into total strangers of your gender”. Mami felt discomfort at his words. At this point, she would have prayed to dig a pit so she could enter the ground.
This is a clear example of people who refuse help in life from those willing to lend out a helping hand genuinely.

Most of us have sat in meetings were people addressed issues and used their personal convictions. It’s cool but feeble minds are challenged to work with other persons conviction forgetting the fact that what works for one is different from another. We are all going somewhere, but faith has kept us working tirelessly, effortlessly and tremendously.

You have an esteem, a self worth and you can be better when you deal with inferiority complex. Create happiness for yourself.

Its a new week, wave some worries off.

I am Justina Barde

Justina Barde
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