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Growing up with a single parent is special but it is not easy. A single parent is one who is living without a spouse or partner. The individual takes all the responsibilities that comes with raising a child(ren).

Single parenthood usually comes with rough patches. A single mother or father will have to work for long hours in some cases to provide for a child or children.

When it comes to raising a child as single parent, other people play a huge part either with positive or negative influence in the life of such children.
Children from this background are always seen growing up with a network of people around who chip in and care about them. Most of them crave for lasting relationship to fill the void of not having two parents like others around them. Life lessons at early stage make them to grow up independent at young age.

But then, the negative side of growing up with a single parent is feeling a sense of neglect. You got no choice to grow a little bit faster than your peers especially being the adult in the house when your parent isn’t around. You have to learn to be strong, being responsible for oneself and others. When you watch your single parent working tirelessly, you are pushed to do your best.
A two parents household isn’t automatically better but growing up with single parent has it own challenges different from a two parents home.


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Justina Barde

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